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Etsy update.

November 22, 2009

2009 Thanksgiving Update!

This month, give thanks for my hoarding tendencies! For I have more flea-market jewelry than I will ever wear, and more beads and other supplies than I’ll ever put to use! So look for some new-to-you items under the Destash section! 😀

Also, in regards to items I actually put effort into, I am now offering some of my felt-lined hollow books, plus a special blend of herbal tea that I hope you’ll all enjoy!

And as always, traditional and original pysanky, plus some diverting paintings to liven up the home!

Due to their fragile nature, eggs must ship Priority Mail. US and Canada only, for now. Paintings, jewelry and books go first class anywhere!

More items are always being added! Stay tuned, and thanks for looking! 🙂

Cor Ardens by corardens on Etsy.